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Friday, May 04, 2007

Christiania, Copenhagen, Denmark, Sept. 1999

Christiania is Copenhagen's "free town," where approximately 1,000 squatters, hippies, and self-proclaimed deadbeats live in the old abandoned Christianshavn army barracks they occupied in 1971, declaring themselves independent of the Danish state around them.

The community is known for its bikes and until 2004, for its open-air drug market known as Pusher Street.

Here's the full-length classic 1991 film about the history and life of the Freetown Christiania in the heart of Copenhagen during its first 20 years.

But Christiania may not have long to live.

Military barracks at Christiania.

Mural on a building near the entrance to Christiania.

Respect Christiania's love.

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jOolian said...

....kewl...but dood, your head's lit-up like an epiphany. i think you have special powers.

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