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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Two Months Off

It's been a relaxing two months off. Now it's time to rejoin the workforce on Monday, in my new career in the field of international commerce. But I had some time to try out different lines of work and make some extra cash during my semi-retirement.

LAB RAT: I took part in a sleep study at the University of Florida on the effects of excessive use of social media on the brain. Facebooking all day, sleeping all night wired to electrodes. $50 per night, plus milk and cookies at bedtime.

While at UF, I found out that as students change apartments before the fall term, they are required to repaint their old apartments or lose their security deposits. I underbid other painting companies and also got some unexpected perks.

MUSEUM TOUR GUIDE: I took a short trip to New York City and volunteered as a tour guide at the Museum of Sex. No pay, but it was a satisfying experience.

MALE MODEL: While in NYC, I had the opportunity to model for the Ammo & Hunting Gear Fall/Winter catalog. $200 per day and I got to keep one of the camo outfits.

FREELANCER: Hanging around downtown during the Melbourne Fall Festival doing some passive/aggressive self-promotion.
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