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Monday, October 18, 2010

El Minero, Su Esposa y Su Amante

The epic rescue of the Chilean miners turned into a soap opera when two-timing Yonny Barrios went from 2,000 feet underground into the arms of his mistress — while his wife boycotted.

However, Susana Valenzuela, the mistress of Yonny Barrios, got a taste of her own medicine when she learned of another mistress Barrios had on the side. Apparently when the miner was in the hospital after his rescue from the mine, a 25-year-old woman wanted to pay him a visit. Susana, 52, made sure the young mistress knew where she stood in the scheme of things.

“He is my Yonny Barrios, mine and no one else’s,” Valenzuela told a radio station in Colombia.

I’ve sent my poster and a proposal for a telenovela to Univision.

I’m waiting to hear from them.

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