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Sunday, September 21, 2008

I saw Bite @ The Stratosphere

While in Vegas, I wanted to see one of the cheesy nudie shows, and Bite at the Stratosphere met all the requirements: classic rock, vampires, and topless women for an hour and 10 minutes.

The house lights dim, the house speakers start playing Guns ’N’ Roses “Welcome to the Jungle”, the curtain goes up and smoke fills the stage. A few moments later, eight scantily-clad “vampire women” fill the stage and start dancing to the music.

And this is pretty much what happens for the next hour.

There is no dialog in this show, and there is no goofy lipsyncing in this show. Which is actually a pretty good thing.

After about 15 minutes of cavorting, the “Lord Vampire” comes out, and as the story goes, he is looking for the next member for his coven.

The vampire girls go out into the audience at this point, and pick about five people "at random”. I was almost really convinced that these people really were chosen at random, because they did a good acting job of pretending like they didn’t want to go on stage, and acted embarrassed once they got up there.

But then, as the show progressed, and these “audience members” were bitten and procured superpowers, I realized that we had been had. The folks in the audience were actually cast members, disguised as well, regular people.

A couple of these folks were turned into acrobats which did some pretty cool stunts, one guy was turned into a singer, and actually sang very well, and the pretty lady that he brought up would be turned into the new “Queen of the Night”. There were actually audible gasps from the audience when the Lord Vampire went up to this “volunteer” and ripped her clothes off. It took some people longer than others to get that they were planted. Judging from the expression of boredom on the audience members I’m not totally convinced that everyone in the audience eventually came to this conclusion at all.

In between this conversion of regular people into vampires, the coven of vampire girls would change costumes, and cavort around in very little clothing. This was, of course, very cool.

Anyway, the Lord Vampire did a couple of magic tricks where he changed a skeleton into a woman and made women pop out of a piano. These were cool tricks. Not Lance Burton shit, but cool nonetheless. And correct me if I am wrong, but Lance doesn’t make women appear without tops.

There was also some cool girl-on-girl vibes, as the women were very grabby and touchy with each other.

80% of the show is simply topless women dancing to classic rock, with the remaining 20% being acrobatics and magic tricks.

There was a plot, and they actually pulled it off quite well considering that nobody in the cast spoke. The Lord Vampire wanted a new coven woman, he picked a seemingly timid woman out of the audience, and throughout the course of this show the volunteer finally became the main ho in the coven.

Of course it was silly, but it worked for me.

This show is under $50, and for that price, I highly recommend it. You know what you are getting. Topless girls with fangs. And they are very pretty topless girls with fangs. Only one of them was obviously silicone enhanced, and the rest looked natural. Perfect apple-shaped butts were possessed by all of the women, and they were not shy about thrusting them out toward the audience.

Entertaining, good value, standard Las Vegas T&A show with better music.

Unfortunately, cameras and camcorders are not allowed. They threaten to confiscate them if you do bring one inside.

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jOolian said...

oya mira !!
what more could one ask for?.... apple butts and boobage and under Fii'teee dollah ....and it doesn't Bite, or, well, it does!... Bueno!

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