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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Chinese propaganda

Wrapping up my Asia Tripping Summer '06, I picked up Mao's Little Red Book and some Chinese propaganda posters before leaving Beijing. The propaganda posters have been the favored vehicle through which art conveyed model behavior in China. I like how the artists stylized the figures with massive arms and the cute kids with weapons. My high school Chinese is a little rusty, but as best as I can translate, here goes:

"You dogs must do all the work today because I'm calling in sick and going to the beach!"

"We laugh at capitalist copyright infringement laws!"

"We must thank Chairman Mao for the nifty weapons and warships!"

"I enjoy reading Chairman Mao's Littled Red Book while I plow the fields!"

"We shall overtake this beach and enforce strict regulations against surfing!"

"HWALP! I should not have consumed so much sake last night as I am hung over and this will certainly lower my productivity in the factory today!"

"Our children will dive to the deepest depths and extract precious gems from the belly of the magical fish!"

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Chrissie A said...

Hee hee; thanks for several hearty laughs on a Monday afternoon!

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