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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Illo postin' time

Poster for Surf Express, a Cocoa Beach-based surf travel company.
My Halloween '06 e-card.
Illo for a story about girls that dumb themselves down to become more attractive to boys.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Let me stand next to your fire

Continuing my Asia Tripping Summer '06 tour, I visited the Yu Cai Middle School in Chongqing. This school is a famous secondary school in China. It was established by educationalist Tao Xingzhi and was used to test Tao's theories on comprehensive education which included six disciplines: natural science, social studies, literature, painting, music and fire-breathing. In this photo, a group of students go throught their daily fire-breathing exercise, much like students in the U.S. have Phys. Ed.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Tattoo you

Continuing my Asia Tripping Summer '06, I was walking around Beijing where I came up to this most unusual sight. A tattoo artist was working on a live pig at an organic art center. Artists at the Art Farm tattoo anesthetized pigs to create works which are expected to be displayed in galleries once the pigs eventually die. The pigs, which are tattooed with designs ranging from the Nine Inch Nails logo to Russian prison tattoos, are expected to live a longer than normal life since their increased value protects them from being killed for food. Coincidentally, this was playing in the art center.

NIN tribute band

Sinchon, a section of Seoul, is a great place to soak up a more Korean environment. Sinchon is set up like many Korean “play” areas, where bars, clubs, restaurants and singing rooms are structured in a grid-like fashion. The only way to familiarize yourself with the area is to stroll the alleys and discover all the different places. Korean bars tend to be rather antisocial compared with their U.S. counterparts, with people sitting at tables with friends and not tending to mix. There are a number of western style bars in the area, including this one, Nori Ha Nun Saram Dul, a bar known for its great rock music. On this particular night, the Nine Inch Nails tribute band, aptly named the Nine Inch Nail Techs, did a particularly beautiful cover version of one of NIN's more downtempo tunes "La Mer."

Check out her guitar.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

And yet another protest

There were some seriously disappointed Nine Inch nails fans in Seoul! Imagine the sight and sound of about 2,500 protesters chanting "Head Like a Hole!" The street recording quality is a little rough.

On the subway

While riding the subway in dowtown Seoul, I noticed this woman reading the Chosun Ilbo, one of South Korea's major newspapers. On the back page there was a photo of President Bush. The Photoshop color backgrounds and weird cuts caught my attention. Also, the curious way in which she held the newspaper.

Protest march

Continuing my summer '06 tour, I spent some time in Seoul, South Korea where I came across yet another protest march. About 25,000 Nine Inch Nails fans were protesting the fact that NIN would not be playing in Seoul during their summer '06 tour.
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